now the fun begins

At this stage in the process I imagine you’d want to know what your options are, would you not?   As you may or may not know there are 4 basic options on where you can go from here.

Option #1: 

You don’t have to do anything.  I’ll give you all the information you need, and if you’re not ready to decide yet, that will be fine.

Option #2:

You can do this all on you own.  Every year thousands of people sell all on their own.  So if you decide to do this all on your own, let me know.

Option #3: 

You can work with a typical real estate agent if you decide, and I can even refer you to a more traditional agent if you choose to.

Option #4: 

OR ... You choose to work with me because you believe I’m your best option.

So … what’s it going to be – 1, 2, 3 or me?

Before we get the questions, I want to show you how I work, and if you don’t think you’re the right client for my consulting service, please let me know because my purpose is for you to be so outrageously happy with the help I provide you that you’ll gladly introduce me to at least two people you really care about by the time we've got your home SOLD.  And I deliver on that purpose by playing 3 critical roles in this process.  My three roles are:

and I OVERSEE all the details of your transaction.

My first role is being your trusted Consultant.

As your consultant, you may notice I will ask you profound, insightful questions.  Maybe you’ll notice they are the types of questions that the typical agent might not ever take the risk of asking you.  Experience shows that a skilled consultant like me will ask you probing, intelligent questions because discovering what is really important to you, is really important to me.

My second role is as your Negotiator.

I treat your money like it is mine.  When it is time to save you or make you money, I am like a Pit Bull.  You, like me, know that money is an emotional issue and to represent your own self is like performing surgery on yourself.  You would never do that, would you?  I imagine being healthy is important to you.  Then I would like to suggest you delegate that to a person you trust and respect.  Like me, you probably believe it’s in your best interest to have a skilled, experienced and focused negotiator on your team.  You will sooner or later become aware that my negotiating skills alone are worth every penny you pay me.

My third role is to oversee all of the transactional details.

In the days and weeks and even months ahead, you will come to appreciate my role as the person who oversees all the transactional details.  As you can imagine, every i must be dotted and every t must be crossed, because there are 100 pieces of paper requiring upward to 43 signatures and initials, and making a mistake can be very costly to you.  Every transaction has 100 to 150 phone calls alone, and each one of them is loaded with critical details.  How does it make you feel knowing that there are 43 different people from 14 different industries who get involved during the seven stages of your transaction?

I don’t know if I’ll be able to help you.  Earlier, I told you I would ask you some thought-provoking questions, listen to your answers, and if I’m not the right consultant to serve you, I’ll let you know.