Successful Marketing Of Your Property
Requires A Complete, Systematic Approach

We employ a customized, systematic approach to cause your home to sell.   Because there’s no ONE single method that will automatically generate a qualified buyer we use a broad range of time-tested, proven marketing and sales strategies to expose your home to the qualifed pool of home buyers currently looking for a home like yours.

And we do a lot more than simply "list" in the MLS.

I don't have to tell you that most traditional agents show up, take a few (bad) photos, slap up a sloppy MLS listing because you probably already know that from what you've seen online.  And as your consultant you can rest asured our team of trained photogaphers, copywriters and expert marketers do everything possible to make your home the first choice for qualified home buyers.  

Both FMLS & GAMLS, combined with our custom marketing plan help expose your property to 100% of qualified homebuyers shopping in the specific price range in your market area.

Just this week we've put together a full color promotional flyer.  We've crafted a "talking ad" which we use to attract buyers via yard signs, directional signage, your property flyer, online classified advertising and various social media promotions.  We'll created a "Slideshow Tour" to include additional photos, comments on selling features and panoramic shots of the interior.  We've distributed flyers (via broadcast email and social media channels) to a database of buyers and agents working with buyers to encourage qualified showings.   And I've personally reached out to 50 of the top agents who have recently worked with buyers in your specific market area letting them know your home is for sale and encouraged them to introduce it to any buyers they might be working with.

Experience shows it can take up to 10 days to reach what I call "full market penetration" because it takes time to reach all qualified buyers actively looking in the market.   And you know now our team doesn't rest until your home is SOLD.  We'll be in regular contact to update you on ALL the marketing activities we're engaged in to get your home sold.  

As always ... feel comfortable calling with questions or concerns.  You can reach me on my cell phone at (404) 538 5356.

We appreciate this opportunity to serve and look forward to a successful sale.

your friend in the business,