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Thank you for considering renting from RSB Property Management. We strive to provide a quick and easy approval process for our tenant applicants.  From the time that you submit your application our process takes, on average, 2 business days for approval.  Simply click the button below to get started.  

Secure Rental Application

here's what you need to complete the application quickly.

  • drivers license for all adult applicants
  • SSN# for all adult applicants
  • 2 years of residence (rental/mortgage) history including addresses, landlord name and landlord phone #
  • 2 years of employment history including supervisors name and phone # to verify information provided
  • name and phone # of an emergency contact
  • pay $50 application fee (we will email you a paypal link after you submit your application)
  • fax or email a photo copy of your ID
  • fax or email 2 most recent paystubs and most recent bank statement

Secure Rental Application

here's what we're looking for.

We work with you to help you qualify to rent the home you want. And we will do our best to find a way to approve you for a home whatever your credit score. We can often work with the Landlord to offset a weak area of qualification by strengthening another.

Residence History

How have you treated your past landlords or mortgage companies? We look at your last 2 years of residency for positive, verifiable, history. As a rule, we do not rent to anyone who has had an eviction in the last 2 years.

Employment /Income

Do you have verifiable income of 3 or more times the monthly rent?  We will contact your employer to verify your position, income and length of time with the company. If your employer will not verify your income over the phone, you can show 2 recent original pay stubs to quicken this process and we will photocopy them for the application. If your recent employment is a new job, you can show an original offer letter on letterhead to verify
income and we will photocopy it for the application.

Credit/Debt Obligations

How you have paid your past obligations? Payment history, the amount of debt and amount of credit available is generally revealed in your credit report.  RSB uses "E-Renter USA" to pull the credit reports and Beacon scores of all adults 18 years of age and over who will occupy the home. Applicants with Beacon scores above 620 that meet income and residency requirements generally are approved with security deposits of one month’s rent. Applicants that have weak credit scores, recent bankruptcies, collections or slow payment history generally can be approved, but may be required to pay higher security deposit’s after evaluation of income and residency.

For more information on items that we consider when evaluating your application, please visit our qualifying requirements page.

And here's what you need to move in

  • sign a 12 month (minimum) Lease Agreement
  • pay first Months Rent paid to reserve property
  • pay a security deposit before moving in
  • if you have pets you pay additional, $250 security deposit per pet


In the event of multiple applicants on a property the Landlord shall elect to process applications by time received and sort the applicants by strength of qualifying information as measured against standard, pre-selected qualifying requirements found on our website here :: qualifying requirements

If the application(s) received ahead of you meet standard, pre-selected qualifying requirements an applicant is chosen on a first come, first served method.  The first applicant(s) in line do have an advantage if they meet standard, pre-selected qualifying requirements.