What Does It Take

To Sell Your Home in Today's Market?

successful marketing of your home requires a complete, systematic approach

Do you remember the good old days, when anyone could sell their home at any time and make thousands … perhaps tens of thousands in profit? If you’re trying to sell your home today … with or without a real estate agent … you could lose thousands of dollars, and take an enormous amount of time if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Unlike typical agents ... we don't just put a sign in front of your home and hope it sells – we develop a custom marketing plan to bring you the best deal possible. Our experience in marketing, publishing, photography, and sales helps us connect with the right buyers, and our real estate background adds professional assurance to every step of the transaction. We give your property an extra push on prominent real estate websites like this one, and through alliances with multi-media advertisers, like JustListed. The end result is a buyer who wants to pay top market value for your home.

Smart Pricing

The cornerstone of every successful property sale is an effective price. At the right value, your home can generate competing offers, and sell for much higher than the price of its original listing. To find the right starting point, we work on a comparative market analysis, which includes a professional home inspection and a careful valuation of your home. We also research properties that have sold recently in your area, to establish your home's market potential. After the home is listed, we provide you with regular market updates to ensure that your property's in line with current buying demand. Our services also make it easy for you to be flexible in pricing, because of the money you save in broker commissions at the closing table.

Realtor Exposure

More than 90 per cent of real estate transactions include both a Listing Agent (representing the seller) and a Selling Agent (representing the buyer). That's why most of our marketing efforts are directed at Top Producing agents in the Atlanta market. We start by listing your property on both Atlanta multiple listing services (FMLS and GAMLS) for full exposure to more than 25,000 local real estate professionals. We follow this up with daily telemarketing to agents and buyers, and promotional flyers of your home delivered to local real estate offices. We also stay in regular contact with Atlanta's top relocation Realtors, who show our listings to corporate transferees and other new residents of the city.

Web Marketing

Nearly every home buyer uses the Internet to search for homes, making this is an essential part of our marketing strategy. To maximize your exposure online we feature your home on this professionally optimized website (it shows up prominently in search engine results), and we get it listed on more than 15,000 additional real estate websites.

We'll also provide you with a personal webpage with the most up-to-date market activity for your listing. In Atlanta, our web coverage is guaranteed by broker reciprocity agreements, which allow us to market your home on every licensed real estate web portal in the area. Our eCard campaign also targets thousands of local real estate agents and qualified buyer prospects, with details and photos of your home, a map to the address, and a printable flyer. Your home will also be advertised on the nation's most popular real estate web portals, including Realtor.com and Yahoo! Homes.

800 Call Capture Technology

This system enables us to supply your "hot" prospects with recorded information about your home, 24 hours a day. First we record a detailed description of your home on our Provantage system, then we advertise with a message for people to call anytime and listen to the description. When people call, our system captures their name, address and phone number automatically, every time. They can't block it, like Caller ID, because we're using an 800 number. And with the soft, gentle, service-minded way we follow up, people simply love it.

Print and Broadcast Advertising

We get the public talking about your home by advertising it in the most popular local print and broadcast media outlets. Our print campaign includes classified, display ads and weekly ads online on sites like Craigslist, Facebook, Google and various neighborhood specific publications. We also send out property postcards to hundreds of prospects in your community to announce a "New Listing," or "Price Reduction" for your home. Our partnership with national property advertiser "Justlisted" gets us 15-second commercials on cable networks, including Fox News, CNN, and TBS. The Keen Team has rights to all buyer leads generated by this method in the Intown Atlanta markets.

Traditional Marketing

For us, these services are the basics – other typical agents may offer some of them at times, but with The Keen Team they come standard. Our traditional marketing services include open house showings, follow up with agents who've shown your home, a full color photo flyer for in-home display and distribution, and for-sale signs with flyers in your yard. When buyers become interested, we keep in regular contact with them and their agents, and manage the negotiations and closing on your behalf.

We look forward to putting our marketing strategy into action for your home. Contact the Keen Team anytime to get your next property sale started.