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Advertising is a crucial factor in the success of marketing anything - your home included.  So, how do we separate ourselves from competitors?  All ads look virtually the same.  So, what’s unique about the advertising for your home that’s going to grab prospects and get them to pick up the phone and call?  In today’s market place, it’s tough!  Potential buyers have been harassed, high-pressured and pushed around so much... it’s no wonder it’s hard to get them to call.  We’re tired of pushy salespeople too... we can relate!

We use razor-sharp strategy & cutting-
edge technology as THE ADVANTAGE!

We overcome this huge obstacle with a razor-sharp marketing strategy, combined with cutting-edge technology, to generate prospective buyers.

Remember, the key to generating a qualified buyer for your home is to reach your prospect first and offer them a product that is priced right.  And to reach prospects first, we use a little known marketing secret called 1-800 Provantage... this is such a unique marketing advantage. 

Provantage is a system that enables us to supply your “hot” prospects with recorded information about your home... 24 hours a day!  We record a verbal description of your home on our Provantage system.  Then we advertise your home with a message directing prospects to call anytime 24 hours a day to get recorded information about your property. Now, really think about this!  If your prospect is sitting home at 11:30 PM, looking through our ad... they can call!  They can hear about your home without having to talk to an agent right away!  No worries of being high-pressured... none!  So, what do you think happens?  You bet!  Prospects call... and call... and call!

We never miss a single opportunity
to sell your home... EVER!

Now here’s the kicker… when prospects call... our Provantage system captures their phone number automatically!  100% of the time... that’s right... 100% of the time!  They can’t block it, like Caller ID... because we’re using an 800 number.  By this time you might be thinking, “this seems a little stealthy”.  Well, in a way it is and in a way it’s not.  But, one thing we can assure you of... it creates a ton of prospective buyers for the homes we are marketing and... with the soft, gentle, service-minded way we follow up... people simply love it!  So, don’t worry about that part... again, our professionalism makes all the difference.

So go ahead and give it a try.  Dial 1-800-538-0185 and enter your unique property extension


If you have any questions about the systems we employ to get your home SOLD – please, feel free to call us at 404-270-9374. Or simply fill out the contact form below...