Keen + Management


how much is this going to cost?

Outlined below you'll find a competitive fee structure for our service and proposed scope of work. With your guidance, we're open to talking about how to create a win/win for everyone involved. Including value-added alternatives, even if they may seem to be beyond this is the initial fee structure outlined below.

Property Intake Fee: $200 (waived with a 12 month agreement)

At the time we are assigned a property our team facilitates and oversees a comprehensive "tenant ready" intake process.  This includes a professional intake inspection, rent market analysis to establish the best rent rate for the property, and the coordination of any necessary repairs to get the home to market/tenant-ready condition.  The normal fee for this process is $200 and we waive this fee when you sign a 12-month management agreement with our team.

Tenant Procurement Fee: 100% of First Months Rent

Keen+Management oversees and facilitates a comprehensive marketing and advertising campaign for each your properties.  We show the property to prospective tenants and carry out a thorough screening process for each applicant.  Once approved we oversee the execution of a professional lease agreement and conduct a complete tenant onboarding and move-in /move-out inspection.  Additionally, we hold a "tenant initiation" meetings at our office during which time we review the lease agreement, property rules, and regulations and help with the transfer of utilities to the tenant's name.  For this process, we charge one full month's rent.

Monthly Management Fee: $75 - $250

Each month various activities are performed as part of the ongoing management and maintenance of each of your properties.  This includes collecting rent, overseeing and managing tenant maintenance requests, managing tenant issues (not related to maintenance) and providing a monthly owner statement.  Our standard management fee for these services range from $75 (minimum) to $250 (maximum).  For most single-family homes renting between $2500 and $5000 per month, our management fee is $125 per month.  Fees are withheld from monthly rent and accounted for on your monthly owner statement(s).

Lease Renewal Fee: $400

Each year we manage the negotiation of increased market-rate rents and oversee the execution of a new lease agreement with the tenant.  Unlike many property managers, we do not charge a half month's rent for this service.  Our fee is just $400.

Maintenance Service Dispatch Fee: $0

Properties by their nature will experience problems from time to time.  Keen+Management strives to handle critical issues in a timely manner and, as such, we have a streamlined process for handling routine maintenance items and repairs for your property and tenant.  Unlike most property managers, we do not charge an additional fee for this service - you simply billed directly "at cost" for any repairs.  Any expenditures estimated to be over $400 shall be subject to approval by you as Landlord.