Here's How To


3 convenient options to choose from

OPTION #1 :: Electronic Check Payment from your Banking Institution 

To make an electronic payment, please contact the customer service department at your bank. They will be able to walk you through how to set up RealSource Brokers, Inc as a recurring payment.  You will need to mail the check to: 114 New Street, Suite D1, Decatur GA 30030.  Your account # is the property address with no spaces.  Click here simple instructions on ELECTRONIC CHECK PAYMENTS

OPTION #2 :: Conventional paper check, money order or bank/cashiers check by U.S. Postal mail

Paper rent checks are accepted only by U.S. Postal Mail OR can be hand delivered to our office at the address below. Make rent checks payable to "RealSource Brokers, Inc." If you use a check or money order, write your name and address on it clearly.

ATTN: Tenant Rent Payments
RealSource Brokers, Inc
114 New Street, D-1
Decatur GA 30030

OPTION #3 :: Hand Delivery to our office Drop Box

If you wish to hand-deliver your rent check, please use the drop box at our office located to the right side of or front entry at 114 New Street, Suite D1 Decatur GA 30030.

Always Remember to:

  • Reference the property address on any payments to our office.  This helps ensure prompt payment to the correct address.
  • Make rent checks payable to "RealSource Brokers, Inc."  If your check is made payable to an entity other than RealSource Brokers, Inc. we cannot guarantee on time processing. 
  • If you use a check or money order, write your name and address on it clearly.  That way we know which property to apply rent to :)

Rent Due Date / Late Date

RENT IS DUE the 1st business day of each month. Rent is considered late after 10am on the 2nd business day each month.

Note - you can reference your rental agreement for additional information regarding late payment penalties.

ALTERNATIVE PAYMENT OPTIONS :: Payment link via PAYPAL (for credit/debit card or direct transfer from your bank)

Note :: We offer this method for those that would like to pay their rent via credit or debit cards.  This method does come with some drawbacks due to the transaction fees we incur when using paypal.  Payment via PayPal is subject a standard 2.9% "convenience fee".  Payments via this method must be requested by you on /before rent due date.  We will generate an invoice for payment which you will received the business day following your request.