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Are you considering hiring an agent for the job of helping buy or sell your home?  Or maybe you're in a situation where you're having second thoughts about your chosen agent's ability to get the job done?  No problem.   Cut through the hype and get the real story of any agent's market perfomance with our "ACCUTRACK" AGENT SCORECARD tool.

How Our Team Compares

We work hard to bring you top results in every aspect of your real estate transaction, and it shows. Here's how our service model compares with that of an average Atlanta real estate agent.  

The Keen Team

Average Agent


Our professional staff works strictly for The Keen Team and is available to assist you seven days a week. All team members are familiar with your property and transaction and can answer your questions.  We work hard to provide the highest level of service possible.

Benefit to you: You get VIP treatment from a professional and friendly team.


After a typical agent lists your property, he or she is often difficult to track down. You have to initiate contact, and often get voicemail and maybe a return call the next day.

Service After Showings

Our team coordinator, Adam, requests feedback on each of your showings and makes it available to you via a password protected section of our website at 

Benefit to you: You're kept up to date on the marketing of your home, and not in the dark.

Service After Showings

There are usually no calls or follow-up for feedback after your property is shown.


The Keen Team has chosen a select group of professionals, each working within their area of expertise, and exclusively for you and him. They watch out for your interests and want to sell your home quickly, for the highest price and the least amount of hassle.

Benefit to you: With the Keen Team you have four professionals working for the price of one.


One agent tries to manage everything about the sale of your home, or enlists the help of a very limited, inexperienced staff.

Advertising & Marketing

The Keen Team advertises your home extensively to ensure maximum exposure. Our marketing tools include exclusive direct mail advertising to your neighborhood, Southern Voice and Craigslist classifieds, extensive web advertising with Yahoo!, Google, MSN and other major search engines, visual (virtual) tours with panoramic walk throughs of your home, high quality full-color brochures highlighting the major selling features of your home,, and every other broker website throughout Atlanta that has the ability to search the MLS. We also use both FMLS and GAMLS for maximum agent exposure, and email advertisements to buyer prospects and agents.

Benefit to you: Your home achieves maximum exposure and generates more calls that are answered by professional sales people whose goal is the same as yours – GETTING YOUR HOME SOLD!

Advertising & Marketing

Though there are agents who will market your home properly and to its fullest, most just dump the listing in the MLS and maybe call one or two prospective buyers. Typical agents also show little follow through with leads, limited Internet exposure, and provide few virtual tours.


The Keen Team has an independent office with its own computer network systems, voicemail/phone system, customer contact, and follow up management software. We invest in modern technologies to achieve top results for you.

Benefit to you: Your home gains maximum exposure to local, regional, national and international buyers.


A typical Atlanta Realtor, working alone, is often too busy to invest in new technology, and usually has to play catch-up. As a result, they miss out on the latest networking techniques and marketing methods.

Pricing Your Home

The Keen Team will help you price your home correctly from the beginning after carefully inspecting your home and researching local market conditions. Experience has taught us that effective pricing is the cornerstone of good real estate marketing, and will produce a quicker sale at maximum price.

Benefit to you: You receive the highest price for your home in the shortest time with the least amount of hassle.

Pricing Your Home

Most agents are starved for listings and will offer to list your home much higher than market value, in order to attract your business. The tactic generally results in few showings, long market time, and ultimately a much lower sales price.

The Keen Team's Sales Ratios

The Keen Team closes more than 90 per cent of the homes he lists, and sells them for more than 98 per cent of their listing price. His homes sell, on average, in 79 days. Because of the Keen Team's commission flexibility Joshua is able to sell more homes in less time for higher prices.

Benefit to you: Sit back, relax and enjoy Joshua’s no hassle approach to selling your home quickly for the most amount of net profit to you.

Sales Ratios

The average agent sells a listing 60 per cent of the time. Of the contracts he or she writes, 80 per cent go through to closing. The average agent’s list price to sales price ratio is 95 per cent, with an average time on market of 104 days.

Team Service Model

The Keen Team has specialists working on every aspect of the home buying and selling process. From advertising and marketing to closing and post-closing details, each member is a master of their specialty. The Team Coordinator, Adam, constantly takes care of dozens of details while Joshua is busy working to get your home sold.

And for Buyers - you get the profesisonal guidance of two highly skilled professionals.  Both Ben Keen and Barry Menaker are here to provide all the guidance and expert market consultation you need to find the best deals.

Benefit to you: You have many people working to make sure your home is sold for the highest price possible in the least amount of time with the least amount of stress to you

Single Realtor Service Model

The saying “jack of all trades, master of none” sums it up. Single Realtors carry sole responsibility for every facet of the transaction, and are often so overwhelmed that they forget the details necessary to make a difference in the sale of your home.

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