RSB Property Managers


what we do & what we don't do

RSB Property Management offer a full range of services for single family Landlords.  Whether your a first time landlord or an experience portfolio investor you'll find our services match what you're looking for.  Below you'll find a quick outline of the scope of work involved in the management of your rental property.

  • Recommend suitable rental rate for your property through thorough rent market analysis.
  • Market the properties to prospective tenants via signs, websites and other advertising media
  • Facilitate and oversee the execution of professional leases, rental agreements, amendments, renewals and cancellation with existing tenants and future tenants,
  • Collect all monthly rents, security deposits and fees (if necessary),
  • Pay utilities on vacant properties,
  • Maintain properties, perform necessary repairs and address any tenant issues/complaints in a timely manner. Any expenditures estimated to be over $400 shall be subject to approval by Landlord.
  • Identify and address emergency situations immediately and provide follow-up to Landlord as soon as possible thereafter.  A 24 hour emergency contact is available and staffed to handle maintenance issues at all times.
  • Handle eviction of non-paying tenants, and those who violate terms of the lease agreement when necessary.
  • Routine inspection of properties, enforcement of lease requirements and written annual inspections prior to new lease/lease renewal that consists of interior and exterior visual inspection with supporting photographs,
  • Provide move-in/move-out reports,
  • Conduct background checks on all eligible persons to ensure they are income-qualified and they meet standard qualifying requirements.
  • Develop marketing plans specific to economic, demographic and psychographic profiles of a given property location.
  • Arrange annual maintenance of properties, including but not limited to heating and air systems, roof inspections, etc.
  • Maintain an accounting system that will deliver financial reports on a monthly and yearly basis, including monthly owner statement delivered by the 10th of each month.