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here's how we do what we do

Here you'll find many of the systems and processes we employ to help create a smooth and enjoyable rental experience for your tenant.  We're also including links to our tenant handbook and a sample lease agreement for review. Feel comfortable taking time to read through and explore our "approach and methodology" of service delivery.  And call Barry with any questions at (404) 819 8014.


Keen + Management uses a range of marketing and advertising strategies to help attract ready, qualified tenants. You can click here to read all about our standard marketing and advertising program. In addition, we intend to utilize Emory’s vast network of Faculty and Student Body to hep locate and qualify quality tenants for your portfolio. This will include the use of Emory's "Off Campus Housing" website and the development marketing plans specific to Emory’s graduate student population. We will meet with representatives of those schools, attend graduate school fairs (if needed) and any other opportunities that could arise. We will also develop a marketing plan specific to Emory’s new hires and/or visiting faculty/physicians and meet with Emory’s Human Resources personnel to help facilitate this process.

Qualifying Requirements + Rental Application

Prospective tenants access the page below to review qualifying requirements for the lease: Tenant Qualifying Requirements

They go here to complete an application online: Rental Application 

Once we receive the complete application they receive an "identity verification and authorization for the background and check" link from "".

We also send a copy of a sample lease agreement and the tenant handbook for review

Tenant Handbook + Sample Lease Agreement

You can view the tenant handbook here: Tenant Handbook 

And a sample lease agreement here: Sample Lease Agreement 

Paying Rent

Tenants are able to review how to pay rent here: How To Rent

**Rent is due on the 5th and considered late after 10am on the 6th.

Maintenance Requests

Properties by their nature will experience problems from time to time. RSB strives to handle critical issues in a timely manner and, as such, we have a streamlined process for handling maintenance items and repairs.

Tenants can review the Maintenance Procedures here: Maintenance Procedures

They send maintenance requests through the online request form, an email to, delivered to our office, or faxed to (404) 270 9376.

Our preferred method of receiving maintenance requests is through the Online Maintenance Request Form here: Online Maintenance Request Process

We categorize and respond to maintenance requests on a priority basis based on the following target response times: Target Maintenance Response Timelines

Emergency Maintenance

In the event of an emergency and anything relating to the property under the lease that is threatening to life, health, or the property -- tenants are instructed to call our voice line immediately at (404) 270 9374.

Our office line is forwarded to "on call" staff to handle emergency requests. Tenants can review the details on Emergency Requests here: Emergency Maintenance Requests

Delinquent Rent Collection + Eviction

Though every measure is taken to ensure on time rent payment by qualifying and screening your tenant for good rental history there are cases where higher level rent collection procedures are necessary.

Per the Section 4 of the Lease, rent is due on the 1st of each month and considered late after 10am 2nd.

If rent is not received by 10am on the 8th we issue a 3-Day Demand For Possession Letter.

You can review our standard rent collection procedures here: Rent Collection Process

Here is a "landlord" version of our rent collection policies: Eviction Process

Monthly Owner Statements + Landlord Payments

How We Handle Your Money

Year End Accounting Process