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Maintenance Request Procedures

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Properties by their nature will experience problems from time to time. Appliances will shut down, roofs will leak, and systems will fail. TeamRSB takes its maintenance responsibility seriously. Our owners are interested in keeping the property in good repair. We will do our very best to keep the properties in fully operational condition. Use our Online Maintenance Request Form to submit work orders any time of day online. We will receive the email and respond within 48 hours.

written requests

RSB has a policy of responding to written requests only unless it is an emergency. Our preferred method of sending us a maintenance request is through our Online Maintenance Request Form.

If you can't submit an online work order, then work order forms will be provided along with envelopes upon request. Written service requests may be mailed, emailed, brought to the office, or faxed. Please pay attention to the following:

  • Be specific when describing the problem: when did it start, how severe is it, has it been addressed in the past, etc.
  • Make sure all of your phone numbers are on the work order (office, home, pager, voice mail, mobile, etc.)
  • TeamRSB will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the service request.
  • TeamRSB will assign a maintenance contractor to handle the request. The contractor will contact you directly to schedule a time to address the problem. If you do not call him back the work will not get done. How they enter the property is up to you.
  • After hours service calls will be made with a $75 extra charge (unless it’s an emergency) and paid by you at the time of the visit.

service limitations

There are certain times we may be unable to service your maintenance requests immediately. Here are some things to think about:

  • Availability of contractors often dictates our response time. In the summer months, air conditioning repairmen are busy and repairs often take 3 to 5 days (longer if the unit needs to be replaced). When Hurricane Opal came through Atlanta, it took us several weeks to solve all the roof problems. Sometimes contractors just aren’t available.
  • Do not expect cosmetic corrections. If it does not affect your lifestyle, it may not get corrected.
  • We are under the control of the owner, and as such, can only fix things when the owner approves. We will do everything we can to convince the owner of the necessity of the repair. This may require us to obtain several estimates for big-ticket items.
  • It is most difficult to get contractors to respond during weekends, holidays and in extreme weather. A $75 surcharge will be due when you request after hours service except for emergencies.

"stand-up" charge

If you schedule an appointment with a contractor and fail to show up, you will pay their $75 trip charge.

maintenance charge backs

RSB is responsible for repairing or replacing items broken by normal use. Occasionally, residents cause damage by accident, misuse or abuse. If the maintenance contractor reports to TeamRSB that the damage was not caused by normal use, TeamRSB will charge the repair back to you. Failure to pay for these charges could cause default of your lease.

scheduled maintenance

Some owners have requested that RSB Property Managers vendors perform certain services on the property automatically in order to keep it in good condition. These services may be done with little or no notice to you. For instance: fall and spring landscaping, gutter cleaning, HVAC service, termite inspections, etc. If these services require contractors to enter the property, every effort will be made to set an appointment with you.