How long will it take to get my house sold?

The Bottom Line: There's no such thing as a "quick" home sale. Even if everything lines up perfectly, you should plan for about three months to sell your home, once you've prepped it and signed on with a professional agent, like me.  To ensure a smooth listing experience ... pick your ideal selling date, and work backwards from there to get the process rolling on time. If you can, add a buffer of at least two extra weeks, to account for unforeseen bumps.

Preparation Phase: As long as you need.

Prep your home :: Clean, organize, paint, and make repairs to get your home ready for photos and showings.  Joshua always says to start with the 3 "D's" - Declutter, Depersonalize and Deep Clean.

Complete paperwork :: Provide the completed listing documents and disclosures.

Consider selling points :: Tell us any specific features you want highlighted in your flyers and MLS listing.

Listing Setup Phase: Typically 7 days; can range from 7 to 14.

Initial phone consultation with Joshua :: Usually done within 48 hours of first contact.

In-person tour of home with Joshua :: Usually done within 1-7 days after our phone call depending on your schedule and ours.

Finalize list price & sign listing agreement :: 24-48 hours after our in person meeting we'll email you this information for you to review.

Schedule photographer appointment :: We'll give you 3-4 days advanced notice.

Install yard sign (condos when permitted) :: We'll give you 3-4 days advanced notice.

Install lockbox :: We'll give you 3-4 days advanced notice.

Setup property through Showing Suite :: We'll give you 3-4 days advanced notice.

Edit and touch up photos to input into the MLS & online ::  Photos are ready about 2 days after photographer appointment.

Input draft listing into MLS: 1 day

1 day after we receive final images from the photographer.

Deliver marketing flyers to agents database.  We'll do this 3-4 days after we get final photos.

Pre-Marketing (aka "Coming Soon") Phase: 7 to 14 days.

Daily active & passive marketing to agents and qualified buyers in Joshua's sphere of influence.  During this process we introduce your property to up to 600 top producing agents who are working with qualified buyers.  Specifically designed to activate word of mouth marketing and create "buzz" leading up to a "live listing" date ... experience shows this exclusive process helps get you top dollar for your home.

Active Marketing/Showing Phase: Typically 30-45 days.

Activate listing in MLS & live online:  As soon as you're ready (usually on a Thursday or Friday, for maximum impact.)

Typical time until first buyer offer:  up to 60 days. (The right price is essential to drawing in buyers, so listen to our advice!)

Post-Contract Phase: Typically 30-45 days.

Home inspection contingency expires: 7-10 days from ratified contract date.

Appraisal and financing contingency expire:  21-30 days from ratified contract date.

Buyer's final walk-through: Usually the day before settlement.

Settlement and key hand-off:  30-45 days from receipt of offer.

TOTAL TIME TO SELL: 75-105 days from signed listing agreement.