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The world of real estate investment is cluttered with "get rich quick" schemes and "no money down" con games.  I'm sure you've seen them - these so called "gurus" - whose only goal is to part you with a large sum of money.  In return for your month's salary you get a boiler plate seminar stuffed full of attractive lies about how easy it is to get rich quick in real estate. So what happens when these tactics prove useless?  Well...they upsell you on other "products" (books, cds, dvd, seminars, etc) or personal "coaching" to provide tidbits of "sage advice" for a hefty monthly fee.

The Truth About "Getting Rich Quick"

Here's the truth: most of these so-called "gurus" don't know the first thing about investing in real estate.  They're simply slick salesmen trained in the art of persuasion.  Their knowledge is how to run a con game on you, not how to set up and maintain a successful real estate portfolio.  Their advice, in many cases, is not worth the paper it's printed on. Most of it will not work. Much of it is illegal or unethical.  

What Now?

The first step in successful real estate investing is choosing a strategy that matches your strengths. Not everyone is cut out to be a landlord. Landlords have to evict drug dealers and 6’4” bikers and raise rents on little old ladies. Not everyone can do those things. Not everyone is handy enough or patient enough with contractors to engage in the "fixers" strategy. Not everyone can get cashiers checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars that are necessary to buy at foreclosure auctions, yet many beginners with meager net worths are paying thousands to learn how to buy at such auctions. There are dozens of different ways to approach real estate investment. And my goal is to help support the one that matches your strengths and resources.

How I can help you...

My approach is centered around discovering your specific goals to help you navigate the often complex world of real state investing.  I guess you would technically call what I do "Investment Consulting" but I really consider myself a problem solver and partner in the helping you achieve your life dreams through sound real estate investment strategies. My only goal is to see if I can bring value to your approach.

 I offer a no-charge assessment of your investment "DNA" (desire, need, ability)
to determine whether our team might be a fit to help support you in reaching your short and long term real estate investment goals.

Your Investor DNA Worskheet

to your success,

P.S. As you may or may not know, the number of new investor clients I can accept each month is limited.  At times, I cannot accept new clients because our time is dedicated to assisting existing clients.  Investors introduced to me by our existing client base take most of the new openings I have each month. With this in mind ... I can only encourage you to complete your Investor "DNA" Worksheet today :) Because right now we're offering this to you at a time when we have openings for new clients.  If you delay ... there may be a waiting list and you may have to wait weeks or months for an opening.

Your Investor DNA Worskheet