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a monthly online report of Intown Atlanta home prices

Below you'll find the “Intown Market Watch" for May 2015 – which includes a summary of all the homes sold in the last 6 months in Intown Atlanta. This video will give you a general idea of what homes like yours (at least from the outside) are selling for today. As you probably know, there can be tremendous variation in what homes sell for – even on the same street! So please take this report with a small note of caution. The value of a home depends on factors besides just housing type and number of bedrooms. Things like market supply and demand factors, square footage, overall condition, upgrades, lot size and specific location are just some of the other key factors involved. A real estate consultant, like our team, would be able to help you sort through these influences on value and keep you safe when it’s time to sell your home. Our intention was to create an easy to watch report, full of valuable information about what a typical home sells for in Intown – provided as a free service to Intown residents. Enjoy!

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You've made a smart decision to stay up to date on the market with Intown Market Watch. With this information you'll have a basic idea about what your home might sell for if you decide to put it on the market in the next few months. And below you'll find 3 FREE services you may want to take advantage of right now. These 3 services are free, each takes less than an hour, and we can arrange a time in the early evening or Saturday, whatever is most convenient for you.

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First, is our FREE "Pin-Point Price Analysis", where we can take a closer look at your house and prepare a very specific price for your home. This price will be much more precise than the general range we’ve included here – and we can guarantee in writing to sell your house when listed at the “Pin-Point Price” in less than 60 days.

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Second, is our FREE “Room-by-Room Review”, where we make specific recommendations about which fix-ups or improvements you should (and shouldn’t) do to prepare your home for sale. We’ll point out the lowest cost, highest return improvements you can make to help sell your house quickly and for more money.

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Third – if you’d like, we’ll include your house in our "Silent Market of Homes" that are not yet on the market, and because we generate so much buyer interest from our website, advertising and marketing – we may be able to find a buyer for your house without even putting it on the market…saving you both time and money.