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It Does NOT Cost MORE to Hire the BEST

Someone with vast experience and extraordinary professionalism usually costs the same as someone with little or no experience, or with compromising standards. You need to know how to tell the difference up front.

Bringing competence and experience into your transaction may mean the difference between a higher negotiated sales price and losing money, selling in less time or in more time (costing you potentially thousands in added interest), and experiencing problems and hassles or a problem-free transaction.

There are “real estate agents” … and there are committed professionals. Who do YOU want representing your interests?

Our completely contingent, flexible commission structure offers you options and benefits that a typical agent would never dream of allowing. In addition to our flexible commission structure, we offer you a comprehensive marketing plan and our comparative market analysis, which we've designed to bring the best price possible for your home. In fact, we're so confident we can provide you with the highest level of service available that we allow you to cancel your listing if you're not satisfied. From "full service" to "do-it-yourself", our approach gives you complete control.


An agent from another Brokerage represents your buyer. We consult with you, we negotiate on your behalf and oversee all the details of the transaction for three percent (3%).  And the other Broker (buyer's agent) receives three per cent (3%) for their efforts to help your buyer.


The Keen Team represents the buyer.  There is no other Broker involved. Our commission is just five percent (5%).


The buyer has no agent and there is no other Broker involved. We consult with the parties, negotiate the agreement and coordinate all necessary inspections, title searches, financing options and oversee all the transactional details for you. Our commission is just three percent (3%).


You find the buyer and there is no other Broker involved. You don’t want our assistance…YOU PAY NO COMMISSION.