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Focus on the "3 D's" of home staging

And the second step in a successful home staging process is to depersonalize. At this point, you’ve likely painted and decluttered your home… it looks great, feels neat and organized.  Now, it’s time to take a close look at the personalization of the space.  Personalization is anything that makes your home distinctly yours and no one else’s.  It’s those things your close family and friends would identify as unmistakably and uniquely yours.  It’s your signature on you personal space.  Personalization is anything that would make a buyer feel “this is not my home- it’s theirs.”  And, for that very reason it’s important to “Depersonalize” the space without taking away from the warmth and style that make the home attractive.

You are not selling your things — you are selling your house!

This is probably the easiest part of preparing your home for market because it's relatively easy to identify.  First, start with photos.  Removing every photo from your home is not necessary.  The single photo of you and your dog on a nightstand can be ok but if you are one of those who loves to display a copious number of photos, those snap shots in time by the dozens, you’ll want to pair down significantly.  The over-sized family photo above the mantle also should be taken down and put away until your home is sold.  Your buyer will easier place their own family photo in that prized location in their minds eye if your family is not their staring them down- as if to say “oh no you don’t, this is our house!"

So the photos have been put away, what’s left to consider?  Well, fair question.  What else can be perceived as personal?  Collections!  We’ve all known that couple.  That guy, that gal that collects the oddest items and considers them valuable.  Of course, your collectables aren’t odd- we’re speaking of other peoples odd collectables but collections none less.  The matchbooks, stamps and shot glasses, corks, bottles and cans the dolls, the action figures and Hummel figurines all fall in this category.   Not only are collections of such items highly personal- but just like the personal photos they are distractors.  Your potential buyer may very well be a huge fan of those cute little German figurines but the last thing you want is your buyer skipping the home tour for a chance to explore your impressive collection.

Pack it for your move and you’re done!  Go ahead and pack these items for your move.  Put them in appropriate moving boxes, packed with care and label the outside of the boxes.  This makes it easier to store them and prevents you from double packing.  And let’s not forget the law of attraction- packing to move and the buyer will come.   Taking this last step to back these items for you move will be one you’ll be glad you did.