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save time, money and sell without going "on the market"

Several clients approached our team with an interest in selling, but under unique circumstances: for the right price, to work around a lease, or just to avoid the hassle of preparing and marketing their home for sale. For whatever reason, the typical listing arrangement didn’t seem to fit. On top of that, buyer’s agents would often ask us about upcoming listings, not yet in the MLS. We started the Decatur Silent Market to meet the needs of these clients, finding buyers for their homes outside of the usual listing process. The Decatur Silent Market brings buyers and sellers together in a way that is less intrusive and more cost effective than a traditional MLS listing.

That being said, there is no better way to maximize exposure for your home than a properly priced, positioned and promoted MLS listing. Both online and on the ground, our goal is to get the results you want from the sale. As one of Decatur's Real Estate teams, we have a proven track record of sales. In addition to resale listings, we also represent several investor and builder clients. Every listing is unique, so an in-depth pre-listing consultation is necessary to determine the best way to meet your needs, MLS or not.

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P.S.  As you may or may not know, I limit the number of new clients I help each month to EIGHT (8).  Sellers introduced to me by my family of current and past clients take most of the new client openings each month.