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Telephone, e-mail, text message, postal mail, live chat, skype video conference, facebook, twitter, youtube, pigeon carrier or smoke signal - in today's highly "connected" world there's no shortage of ways to get hold of us for help.

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Despite the advances in communication technology, the telephone remains the easiest, most direct way to get what you need - fast.  That Alexander Graham Bell was a smart one.

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Experience shows if you were born after 1980 there's a strong possibility you've never actually dialed a phone ;)   So for all the "millenials" out there we're making it easy on you.  And remember:  DON'T text and drive. 

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In today's fast paced world lots of you rely heavily on the "send/receive" button. And there are, of course, some of you who still practice the lost art of "written word". 

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