helping you get your ducks in a row

You’ll be reviewing and signing a mountain of paperwork at the closing.  On the bright side this means you won't have much to bring with you to closing because I've been working these last few weeks with Ben, your closing attorney and your mortgage banker to make sure most everything is organized and ready for signing on closing day.  But there are a couple essential items you'll want to bring with you on the big day. 

  • A Government-Issued photo ID:  A driver’s license or passport will do.  Bring the original.

  • Proof of wire for your closing costs.  I always recommend bringing verification of the wire transfer of your closign costs.

  • Your Check Book:  Just in case you need to pay for small adjustments (like the final pro-rated portions for taxes, for instance), it’s smart to bring a check book.

  • Proof Of Homeowner’s Insurance: Bring the letter and receipt proving you purchased homeowner’s insurance.  You might not need it, but just in case.