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When your priorities are clear. Decisions are easy.

Think about that headline"When your priorities are clear, your decisions are easy”.  When it comes to Buying and Selling Real Estate, this is a foundational principal.  Even after being in the business for 13 years now …  helping hundreds of families and selling many hundreds of homes, I stop,  get connected to my priorities, center myself and align my goals with what's most important to me about them.  I repeat that phrase to myself to help keep me grounded.  See, my purpose as a real estate consultant is spelled out in that phrase and I’m always searching for creative ways to share this insight with my clients as I introduce them to the market.  

Look around.  Huge varieties of living situations are abound.  From dark, one room, cement floor, basement apartments to sprawling, water-front, marble villas…  there is a castle for every man.  And, most Buyers I meet know exactly what they want… or do they?  Ha! No.  No, really, they have no idea at all.  So often I’ll  spend a lot of time with my clients talking through options,  touring that plan and this plan, timing this drive and that drive, and looking at this attic and that basement.  All to help them answer the priorities question.  

Everybody lives somewhere and so will you.  So do yourself a favor.   Well before you spend much time clicking through photos on line or mulling over this floor plan vs. that one…. before asking questions like “is there a home for me?”… no, no, well before all that… ask yourself just one, very simple question.  Ask it and think about it over and over until you know the answer.  Take the time you need and ask the one question that will have the greatest impact on it all...  "What are my priorities?”  Then, write them down and carry it in your pocket.

Because when your priorities are clear ...  your decisions are easy!

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