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Washers and Dryers, Refrigerators and wine coolers oh my!

There seems to be some confusion out there as to the standard around whether appliances are included in a home's sale.  Some assume “of course they are” and others say “no” but really there is no standard and you’ll find everything from yah to a firm nay when it comes to sellers leaving appliances behind.   Whether you’re a Buyer or Seller, it’s worth understanding the options.

Know before you go.  Before touring a home as a Buyer, check the “Sellers Property Disclosure Statement” - your agent can help you here.  It will often spells out the Sellers intensions around appliances and clearly states if they will be left behind for the new owner.  In turn, it may also state the seller intends to take them in the move.  In a professionally managed sale of a home, the details of what’s included in the sale- like appliances- is often spelled out and readily available when touring a home.  Just ask.  Sellers should be prepared to provide this information early on and should avoid advertising them as “negotiable”.  Keep in clean.  Include them.  Or don’t.  

Buyers looking at re-sale homes should be prepared to negotiate.   Stoves, built in microwaves and Dishwashers are almost always included in a sale.  Refrigerators, washing machines and dryers, wine coolers and freezers are a different story.  If the seller plans on taking them- ask for them to be included anyway.  Sellers know they may need to include them and depending on the terms of an offer, you may just get what you asked for.  In turn, you may be dealing Seller emotions, and attachments- even around appliances.  Don’t be surprised.  

Buying new construction from a builder is a bit different.  You can expect an appliances package or allowance to go toward an appliances package to be included in the builders price.  This almost always excludes refrigerators and washer sand dryers.  These items can be negotiated and you’ll find that a builder may be willing to provide a refrigerator during negotiations- always ask.

In any scenario appliances are negotiable.  If the Seller says they are not leaving the refrigerator- ask for it anyway.  A smart seller will not forgo a deal over a refrigerator.  Be sure it’s in writing.  Again, your agent can help you here but a good offer to purchase will include a "Bill of Sale" that clearly states what items are included and will remain in the home.

Your agent can help you here but a good offer to purchase  will include a "Bill of Sale" that clearly states what items are  included and will remain in the home.

Last but not least- don’t get tied to an appliances or give them value.   As a Buyer, never pass on a great fit in a home and as a Seller, don’t loose a great Buyer over an appliance. They do not increase the value of a home as they are not considered on appraisals and used appliances are often over-valued by both Sellers and Buyers.  On a budget, a kitchen can be well equipped with brand-new, stainless steal appliances (Gas range, refrigerator, Microwave and Dishwasher) for less than $2500.

Oh, and Buyers don’t get your hopes up.  That kick-a**, brand new, steam feature, whisper quite, front loading, digital, $2600 washer and dryer set you see there?  Nope.  We tried, we did ask for it to stay but the Sellers are taking those with.  Sorry.

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