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Atlanta Summer Festival Guide

The Atlanta Summer Festival Guide

Pick a weekend. Chances are, there’s something fun to do in Atlanta. Embrace the heat.

The weather may be hot, but there are more than enough cool opportunities to get outside during the months of June, July, and August. Summer festival season is a favorite in Atlanta, and seldom does a weekend go by without something going on, somewhere in the city. So charge up your Breeze Card, hop on a train, and get dropped off in the heart of where the action is.


48 Hours in Atlanta

48 Hours in Atlanta

So, we’ve got the busiest airport in the world, in case you didn’t know (there’s an old saying in the South: “When you die, no matter if you’re going to heaven or hell, you’ve gotta go through ATL first.”)

Anyway, it’s entirely possible you’ll find yourself with a layover. We know you’re busy and all, but Atlanta is way more than a fly-through city. If you get a wild hair sometime, why not arrange your flying plans around a two-day stint in A-Town? We promise, there’s more than enough to do. Not to be presumptuous, but would you mind if we helped you out with your itinerary?


Stuff To Do: Decatur Earth Hour

Earth Hour Bonfire and marshmallow roast in Decatur Square. Saturday, March 26th at 8pm.

 This Saturday, March 26th at 8pm, Decatur will host a family bonfire and marshmallow roast in honor of this year's Earth Hour. Earth Hour was started in 2007 and involved 100s of countries and 1000s of people across the entire world turning off their lights for one hour to raise awareness for climate change…and also as a way to show that its possible for global coordination on such important issues.

Its a great family event to help draw awareness for energy conservation and climate change. At 8:30 they'll be a countdown to turning out lights in the square...

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