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We've Moved To A New Decatur Location

We've already shared this with a many of you but thought we'd make the details known here on our blog just in case we've not talked personally about it.  If you don't already know, our t eam moved office locations this past week.

As part of a larger commitment, we've set out to reduce our impact on the environment in both our personal and business lives (of course, if you know my wife Jesse you know she's got our personal impact down to a minimum already).  So far this year we've taken on recycling at home and the office, car pooling whenever possible, installing CFL light bulbs, upgraded the efficiency of our HVAC systems, installed new windows and insulation in our homes and (as our leases run course) we're trading-up for more fuel efficient cars.

Our focus on more environmentally and economically sustainable ways of living also informs our move from a 2200 square foot office in Oakhurst (Decatur) to a more cozy space just around the corner.  Although...

Is being "ok" really okay?

Jeffrey Pinkerton of HillSide Lending recently posted this article on the problem with being OKAY in a service oriented business.

Have you ever had a waiter or waitress ask you if your meal is “okay?” Isn’t that a strange question, “Is everything with your meal ok?” It’s like saying, “Is everything with your meal average?” Wouldn’t the better question be, “Is everything with your meal excellent?” Or better yet, “Is everything with your meal finding your great satisfaction!?”

What has happened to going above and beyond what people expect?
My waitress never asked me if my meal was excellent! And I'm not talking about my last trip to the Golden Coral either. That being said, I'm left...

Top Producing Atlanta Realtors

Ben - my brother and the Buyer Specialist on my team for those that don't know - and I rank as top full service agents working the Oakhurst, East Lake and Kirkwood markets. In fact, from January 1st 2005 to August 30th 2006 we are ranked in the top 100 agents in the State for listings taken and homes sold! That's no small feat given there are over 38,000 licensed agents working the state of Georgia...
The interesting thing about this...while I rank in the top 100 agents in the state (currently #81), I also rank as #2 in my marketplace (24 and 52 FMLS market areas - which include Oakhurst, East Lake, Kirkwood and City of Decatur). The #1 listing "agent" in the area is DUFFY REALTY...

About Joshua Keen

Your Atlanta Realtors

Having worked for years under the guise of one the largest Mega-Brokerages in the world, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Joshua decided that it would be worth while to put his real estate and service expertise to better use. After years of providing top rate tranditional brokerage services, he noticed a trend toward a more educated, value minded market place and decided to pioneer a “more for less” brokerage concept by opening his own small by design real estate firm, RealSource Brokers in Oakhurst Village (Decatur). Since that time he has worked closely with his staff to perfect a unique team based approach that guarantees your needs are handled immediately so that your home sells quickly and for top dollar. Joshua, and his brother Ben, are lead agents of The Keen Team. They oversee and coordinate all facets of the transaction to ensure that your home sells quickly and easily for the most amount of money possible.

The Keen...

Atlanta Real Estate Blog...

Welcome...and thanks for joining me for this, my inaugral BLOG post. Aside from the obvious benefits of sharing my thoughts and opinions with the world :) my goal here is to create an interactive "forum" that will allow my past, current and future clients to become more intimate with everything that is (and will be) Atlanta Real Estate. From tips on effective buying and market stats, new developments, community and neighborhood topic is out of bounds. So please -- if I fail to engage you with my posts -- don't hesitate to engage me. Your involvement is both welcome and encouraged....
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