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I believe that all generally useful information should be free. By 'free' I am not referring to price, but rather to the freedom to copy the information and to adapt it to one's own uses... When information is generally useful, redistributing it makes humanity wealthier no matter who is distributing and no matter who is receiving.
- Richard Stallman (1990)

Ben and I have ruffled a few feathers with our daily video blog content here at and We received notice a couple days ago we were breakin' the "compliance and regulation" rules that govern our lovely MLS -- as a result, we've had to take down the public content.  Of course, we thought we were badass ... but the rules don't agree with the site and our colleagues in the industry don't agree with our having any kind of opinion about real estate. 

They say there's no such thing as bad press ......

Tracking the Atlanta Foreclosure Market

It's Thursday, July 28th 2010, and I'm back with yet another informative (and, if I may so, super exciting) episode of

Now ... this is the time of day that I'm supposed to post this video on my blog telling you that if you don't take just 10 minutes of your time .... and watch today's episode ... the world will end and there will be no hope for humanity. And then do like everyone else and keep hitting you with email, twitter and facebook "wall" spam until you either remove my updates or pass it along to all your friends, family and neighbors because you feel sorry for me. So ... save yourself the trouble and just watch the episode.  Then ... when you're done pass this along to your friends, family and neighbors who you know who could use my help.


IntownDailyHomes for July 17th 2010

It's Saturday, July 17th 2010 and that means it's time to review all the newest listings in Atlanta's Intown market that were listed in the last 24 hours. Check them out in today's episode!


IntownDailyHomes for July 21st 2010

Back with today's episode of - your source for daily atlanta real estate information with expert intrepretation

We've got a lot of properties to review today - 16 to be exact. The first one is in Midtown, originally sold back in 1999 for $600,000. We've got one on Mclendon Avenue in Lake Claire on the market at $699,900 with a beautiful backyard. Another, newly built home, in Laurel Hill Preserve on the market at $600,000. Moving on we've got Glen Circle in Glenwood Estates - a 3/2 being offered at $554,000. A little concerned about the upgrades on that one, but it is walking distance to Downtown Decatur so maybe worth a closer look. The next property is on Berkley Lane in the Berkely Oaks subdivision priced at $549,900. Next property is on Burke Road in Peachtree Park on the market at $449,900. Extensive renovations - great kitchen opens to a family room AND a 2 car garage. There's Haskill Road in Loring Heights - a 4/3 and my best buy of the day...

Altanta Homes for July 18th & 19th 2010

Alright. It's Monday (July 19th 2010) and we're back with our weekend edition of IntownDailyHomes - where I, literally, tour EVERY new listing to hit the Atlanta real estate market in the past 24 hours.

Now ... I do generally take Sundays off (hey ... if it was good for Jesus ... it's good for me) so on Monday' we're covering the weekend listings. And you'll notice that most listing agents DO NOT list prorperty on the weekend. This is, generally speaking, a strategic move because by the time Saturday and Sunday roll around ... most buyers and agents working with buyers have already put together their weekend show list. That means any new listings that hit the market on Saturday or Sunday do not get the benifit of that first weekend exposure.  And, as a seller in today's market, you really want the first weekend to be a good one.

So ... for all you rookies out there ... take note! List your new properties on Thursday so agents and buyers see them BEFORE...

IntownDailyHomes for July 16th 2010

Welcome back to - your source for daily Altanta Real Estate information with expert interpretation! Today' we've got fifteen (15) new Atlanta homes on the market for you to look at including a couple that are sure to impress and, of course, my best buy of the day which is priced at just $289,000.  Check it out:


Intown Atlanta Homes for July 15th 2010

It's Ben coming to you with today's episode of IntownDailyHomes - as you can see ... today we've got a nine (9) properties to go over. Remember, all these home came on the market in the last 24 hours. If anything piques your interest -- call me.


Atlanta Homes for July 12th 2010

You should check out today's episode because I review (6) new homes on the market in the last 24 hours. And "Ben's Best Buy" pick of the day worth a look see. Questions? Feel free to contact me.

... July 7th 2010

It's hot outside - 96 degrees according to the widget on my computer. And speaking of hot, we've got twelve (12) new Atlanta homes on the market today including my Best Buy.

... July 6th 2010

Today is July 6th, 2010 and I'm back after a long holiday weekend. Went camping. No phones. No internet. No TV. Just me, the heat, some bugs, some dirt and a tent. Ok ... so back to real estate. There are thirteen (13) new listings today. And, as always, just one BEST BUY. Check it out.

... June 29th, 2010

Sorry for the late post ... I ran into a couple technical issues ... but all is well now and here is Tuesday's line-up.  There are twelve (12) new listings for Tuesday and a couple that are worth a double-take.

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