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Question #12: Will You Personally Handle Contract Negotiations For Us?

Surprisingly, many agents simply submit or receive offers, and act as a conduit between you and the buyer (or seller). That’s not good enough. You want an agent who has reasonable negotiation skills. You want an agent who’s committed to your interests.

They’ll need to represent you to other agents and buyers/sellers. It’s a good idea to follow-up the above question by investigating specifically HOW their negotiation skills saved other clients money, hassles, or help a deal come together.

There Are “Real Estate Agents”…
And Then There Are Committed Professionals.
Which One Do YOU Want Representing Your Interests?

Remember, all agents are not the same! Over the years, my team and I have recognized this fact, which is why we wrote this special report, and structured our practice to give the most competent service possible.

For example, we have a full-time Marketing...

Question #11: Do You Personally Spend Money Advertising Your Services Or Homes For Sale?

This question pertains more to listings, but it’s also a question a buyer should ask to determine an agent’s commitment to invest in the successful outcome of their client. There are two situations to identify here:

1) Agents who are very busy and who produce a lot of income for their broker will frequently receive advertising allowances from their broker. If your agent receives allowances, that’s generally a good sign.

2) However, if an agent is not as busy, OR if their broker does not have an ad allowance for top producers, you want to learn their commitment to “put their money where their mouth is” when it comes to marketing your home.

You should also ask to see samples of ads they write for homes they list, and for their own services. Do the ads appeal to you? Would they make you act? If not, don’t expect their marketing of your home to be any better....
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