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Question #6: What Systems Do You Have For Tracking The Market And The Progress of My Sale?

This is a very important question. As a seller, you want to price your home correctly, and be regularly updated with important buyer activity. How many calls did you get on your home this week? What marketing strategies did you use? How many home visits from other agents did you have (and what were their comments)? How many people visited your open house?

As a buyer, you want to know his or her competence in understanding values of certain areas. They also need systems to keep you continually up-to-date with opportunities in the market. You want them to have more than “access to Multiple Listing Service.” How often do they actually preview homes in your price range or desired area? How often do they talk to neighbors or participate with other activities in those areas?

If an agent does not have specific systems for measuring and reporting these items, perhaps you should consider someone else.

Question #5: Do You Have A Formal And Written Marketing Plan For Selling Homes?

This question applies more to sellers than buyers. Your agent’s marketing plan needs to be extensive – not just holding open houses, entering your home on MLS, or running classified ads.

The key to selling a home is CONSISTENCY. Your home must be consistently marketed to those people capable of buying. This cannot be accomplished if an agent doesn’t have a diversified arsenal of marketing strategies. Look for special ideas, consistency, and persistence in his or her marketing plan.

Question #4: Can You Give Me A List Of Client References To Call?

An agent who doesn’t accumulate a list of satisfied references either doesn’t do much business, or isn’t providing the kind of service or follow-through you need. References don’t always need to be past clients. Get professional references as well: bankers, mortgage lenders, appraisers, attorneys, home inspectors etc....

Question #3: Tell Me About Your Personal Real Estate Operation?

This is an open-ended question designed to get your Real Estate Agent talking about his or her business. You want to know how much they’ve invested into their business as it relates to giving you competent and quality service. For example, do they have an assistant to take home inquiries when they’re not in the office? Do they have a pager, cellular phone, email, and other methods for reaching them? Do they have a private office either with the broker or are they on their own? (This is a telltale sign of a top producing agent.)

Here’s what you’re looking for: The more an agent invests into his or her own success, office, and systems, the more he/she will be able to commit to you.

Question #2: What Qualifications Do You Have To Sell Real Estate?

This question looks for their overall commitment and dedication to building his/her personal skills. If they’re not willing to commit to improving themselves, they may not commit to your needs and satisfaction either.

First, look at their overall education. Did they go to college? Do they have any Realtor or professional designations? How often do they invest in improving their skills and keeping up with technology and other industry trends?

Experience should also carry over to negotiating and financial skills. And don’t forget the ancillary experience required for real estate.
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