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How to AVOID the GREY area of Selling

Daniel Rothamel of Real Estate Zebra shares how to avoid pitfalls and GREY areas when selling your home in today's turbulent real estate market.  Afterall, selling real estate is a Black & White situation.  Either you sell...or you don't.

RealSource Brokers Launches NEW website....

Welcome to the NEW and (need I say?) improved website.

For most of 2007 my team and I have been working closely with a top design and programming team at REW to develop a revolutionary Intown Atlanta Real Estate website.  Our goal was to change the way buyers and sellers search for real estate and real estate related services online in the Metro Atlanta market.  We launched our new site today and we're excited about what it has to offer all of our customers, clients and friends.

So please...take a moment to browse the new site...and don't forget to take advantage of the cutting edge technology and breakthrough user interface while searching for your next Intown Atlanta home.  From detailed neighborhood and school information to comprehensive coverage of our  unique Buyer & Seller Services - its all here.

We hope you enjoy our new look and all the new features...

How’s the market?

Well, the market is what the market does… and here in Atlanta, it does what it does relatively slowly.  We all know the changing real estate market conditions have been covered in the national mainstream media, but those of us who have been active in the Atlanta real estate market know that the national real estate boom of the past few years managed to pass us by. Atlanta housing prices have enjoyed steady appreciation without the skyrocketing increases that have pushed other large markets toward a bubble and Fortune magazine predicts about 4% growth in values for the Metro Atlanta area over the next two years…not far off the 6% annual return we’ve seen in over the last five years.

With the real estate market operating like any other financial market - on the premise of supply/demand economics – I’ve been working to develop a way of delivering the stats. So when the time comes to sell, you know how to effectively position your home within the marketplace...

The MARKET Is the Only Determinant Of The VALUE Of Your Home

There’s an old saying in real estate: “Sellers are NOT the deciders of what their home is worth, but they ARE the deciders of how quickly their home will sell.”

The REAL value of your home is what a willing buyer will pay for it, and what you will accept - TODAY. Nothing more. Nothing Less.

OK, so let’s say you’ve determined that the average discount on homes in your area is 2.5 percent of expected selling price. And sales information shows that your home is worth $300,000. To determine a list price that is within 2.5 percent, divide $300,000 by .975 (1.00 less .025 = .975). This gives you a list price of $307,000.

But remember this: Markets and the economy are in constant flux and conditios can change drastically in a short period of time. If interest rates rise by just one % point a buyer qualified for a $300,000 mortgage loses $25,000 in buying power -...

Who wants to be a Millionaire Real Estate Investor?

For years we have all heard the stories of people making a fortune speculating in real estate. But what precisely is speculating? Is it just a fancy word for investing? Not quite. Speculating generally refers to the practice of flipping properties before they are even complete. Now, that being said; it also needs to be pointed out that speculating comes with a great deal of risk and only works at specific times in specific locations. The kind of locations where speculating works are areas that suddenly have a huge drawing power like trendy vacation spots, new ski resorts and new construction areas that are close to famous attractions. Great examples of areas like this were Florida and Las Vegas in the early 2000's.

Now, speculating is really not for the average home buyer as the risk that is associated with it is remarkable. The problem with speculating is that once the attraction for a certain market wears out, someone will be left with a white elephant. In order to be successful...

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