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Masterclass Lesson Plan :: The Art, Science and Psychology of Home Buying & Selling

It is our choices…that show what we really are, far more than our abilities.
—J.K. Rowling

A secret is something hidden or known only to insiders. A few behavioral scientists and market researchers might be acquainted with some of the ideas in this masterclass series, but these concepts have not been available to our clients until now.  Our team is committed to change that fact by equipping the home buyers, sellers and landlords we consult with “insider information” that can help them become more comfortable (and savvy) about whatever housing decisions they might contemplate.

Because housing decisions are crucial.  They can involve the most money you ever spend, the highest debt you ever incur, and the best (or worst) investment you ever make. A moving decision can result in either a frustrating or fulfilling experience that affects not just your life, but the lives of loved ones who move with you. Yet, as my brother Adam recently observed, buying and selling houses is one of the few businesses in which the principals (and their stewards) on both sides can be rank amateurs. They get caught up in emotions that rarely benefit the housing negotiations and, on occasion, trap them into making poor housing decisions. Renters and their Landlords also make poor housing choices and some decisions spoil their chances for future home ownership or growing their investment portfolio.

Whether you're a buyer, seller, renter, or someone who is thinking about remodeling, refinancing, or investing in a second home, you can learn a new way to make housing decisions that go smoothly and enrich your personal life and your relationships while enhancing your enjoyment of the place you call “home.” In addition, you can increase your net worth at the same time. With a little curiosity, inner preparation, and practical guidance about decision making, you can approach your next real estate transaction with new confidence. The discomfort you might have about finances, the market, or the uncertainty of making the right choice diminishes dramatically when you learn and keep in mind the following 10 Rules of successfully buying, selling, renting or investing in real estate - each of which we will explore in detail over the course of the next month during:

Lesson 1: Your housing choices are not only about finances. In fact, they are not just about housing. They are about every aspect of your life.

Lesson 2: You have a housing history that influences your housing decisions today and it is key to understanding your housing emotions.

Lesson 3: You have a "Housing Value System" that consists of your housing history and housing profile. Your Housing Value System drives your housing decisions.

Lesson 4: Your partner (child, mother, or father) has a Housing Value System too, and it is as important as yours when it comes to making housing decisions.

Lesson 5: You can turn your Housing Value System into a decision tool that can help you make your best housing decisions.

Lesson 6: Self-knowledge is personal power in all housing related transactions. Housing knowledge is financial power that can save you time, money, and grief.

Lesson 7: There is a U.S. Housing System that you must learn to navigate. It includes the agents, organizations, agencies, and regulators with whom you deal with in any housing transaction you undertake.

Lesson 8: Your fears can move with you. To move on, you must pack up your courage and make sound housing choices, even if you do not feel courageous.

Lesson 9: Your mortgage can be the most important financial tool in your investment toolbox. It can be your ticket to future financial security.

Lesson 10: Your "Housing Value System" lives as long as you do. When it is time to downsize, find a home in retirement, or help to choose housing for an older adult, these secrets will be as valid then as they are today.

Until next time ... feel comfortable sharing your own experiences, questions or concerns related to buying, selling or renting in the comments sections below.

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