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Insider Tips to Buying Your First Home

I recently purchased my first home. I thought I'd share my experience and, hopefully, offer a little perspective, advice and a couple key lessons I've learned as an "insider". The process was quick and easy for me. I found my 15 favorite homes online. We (my buyer's agent and I) took 2 days to look at them all. Out of that 15 I picked my favorite 5, saw them once more and then wrote a contract the next week. Why do I share this? Because I want you to know how convenient buying a home can be when you have the right agent, or in our case, the right team on your side. That brings me to a few key lessons I've learned along the way...

Insider Tip #1 - Chill Out...

Buying a home should be a fun and exciting process. Don't let anxiety and fear rule you while looking for your home. Yes, buying can be an emotional time, but its important that you don't let that emotion take over. Its crucial that you have an expert buyers agent on your side and its even more important that you trust and relate to whomever you choose to help you buy a home. Your agent should be able to make the process fun and educational. I've seen too many buyers ruin their experience worrying about all the little things....thats what your agent is for. Time and time again I see 1st home buyers talk themselves out of purchasing because of emotion and minor fears. Which brings me to...

Insider Tip #2 - Trust your agent

Its been my experience while closing real estate, that folks don't put enough merit to the fact that their agent should be an expert at what he or she does. Its easy to look online, find 100,000 agents in GA all after your business, and assume that they all do the same thing; thats just not the case. You want to make sure your agent is full time, has expert experience in the area and truly understands your wants and needs in a home. Also, in today's market, you want to ensure that your agent is on top of the technological aspects of this new market. As a buyer, you should be able to trust that your agent has your best interest in mind. With that said, sit back and relax; ask any questions you want to ease anxiety and trust that your agent, hopefully with years of experience under his or her belt, will walk you through the process from start to end...helping you understand the whats, whys and ways of Georgia real estate. I admit, I had an advantage. Not only have I been in the industry for 3 years now and understand "many" of the ins and outs, but I am lucky enough to be gainfully employed by one of the top buyer consultants in the business. How do you find the best agent for you? Interview many agents; ask many questions; ask for references; but most importantly, stop in and meet me and my team.

Insider Tip #3 - Take your time

While I did mention that the buying process can be convenient and even easy, thats not to take away from the fact that it is likely the biggest and most important purchase of your life. In today's real estate world, you should rely on the internet as a key resource in your pursuit of a home. Let your agent find the best homes that fit your needs...thats why they're there. He or she should be sending you only the best homes, providing much of the elimination process for you. Study and research those homes online, pick your favorites and then set up an outing with your agent. After a couple to few outings, you should be able to trust that your agent has shown you the best of what is out there for you, in your area and price range; allowing you to comfortably make a decision thats in your best interest.

Remember that while not all houses are the same, the problems that arise in the closing process basically are, and any experienced agent has been through most of them, even in this ever changing market. You want someone that has been through the drill and has a system, technique and approach that fits your style. I recommend asking what problems may arise during closing in the beginning of your interview process. Let the agent share his or her knowledge and show you he or she has the answer before the problem ever even arises.

I am the closing manager for RealSource Brokers. Once a buyer is under contract, I take over and coordinate with all parties to ensure a smooth and surprise-less closing experience. Its not all I do, but a good majority of my work is dedicated to making sure buyers take care of the necessities and get to the closing table without much hassle.


#1 By Minneapolis Construction Services at 12/23/2015 7:01 AM

Great post, its really very informative article these tips are really essential for buying our first home.

#2 By Vacation Rentals at 12/23/2015 7:01 AM

Thanks for the posting, please keep up..

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