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Can you buy happiness?

I’m not a realtor... I’m a purveyor of new beginnings.  I’m not a broker, I’m a dealer of memories.  I’m not an agent, I’m a lifestyle consultant.

Buying, selling, owning and investing in real estate is still one of the best ways to build wealth in the long term.  And we work to provide our clients with the right information to make smart decisions for their future. 

But what we really love about our job is helping our clients realize their greatest life dreams. We work with people transitioning from one phase to another, big families with big ideas, college grads with new jobs, and empty-nesters with new found freedoms.  Walkers near trails, bikers near paths and foodies near food.  Open lofts for artists, gardens for urban farmers, kitchens for family gatherings, garages for hot rods, basements for woodworking and nurseries for new arrivals.

It’s our pleasure be part of so many interesting, smart, creative and friendly people's lives.   We're there for those simple moments that bring joy to the mundane.

You have to live somewhere and where you live says a lot about where you've been, where you are and where you're going.  It’s insight into your values and your dreams.   A house is more than the structure - it's about the lives led within them.  A home is where everything happens- the birthplace of memories we keep and those we leave behind. Home is the beginning, the middle and the end.   

Be smart, get counsel and consider the impact of your financial decisions.  But along the way don’t forget to be bold and purposeful, laugh and build your life without fear.  After-all, you only live once :)


#1 By Laura Sosa-Rocha at 12/23/2015 7:01 AM

Great post!

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