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Will You Retire in Style?

Or will you bag groceries at Publix?

Have you ever been in the check out line at your local grocery store and noticed a Senior Citizen bagging your groceries? I have. And it breaks my heart everytime.

Do you think that old man checking receipts at the exit of Wal-Mart dreamed of a day when he'd use a yellow highlighter and a polite nod to earn some extra cash to help pay the bills?

Can you picture him in his 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 50’s just waiting for the day when he can retire with dignity at the end of a check out lane in an apron asking whether you prefer paper or plastic?

Of course, I'm being funny ... but there's something serious for us to all consider. We're here enduring the worst economy since the Great Depression.  Millions have lost their jobs, healthcare costs are skyrocketing and our "nest eggs" are worth a fraction of what they were valued at just a few short years ago.  Now ... it goes without saying the Senior Citizens we see working at McDonalds aren't doing it for the social perks. They're there because they have more "month than money".

So the question I'm asking is this: Do you want to spend your golden years asking the folks in the drive thru lane if they "want fries with that"?

No? Then you should consider this:

If You Want A Comfortable Retirment, Get Busy Creating Passive Monthly Income Today

Look around. Who (or what) will support and fund your life when you want to retire?  Do you have a secure job matching a 401K? Are you making maximum contributions to an IRA? Do you think Social Security will be there for you? What about a pension? Stocks? Bonds? Mutual Funds? Long term health insurance?

We need look no further back than October 2008 when, in a matter of moments, our 401K's and IRA's dissappeared and our future financial freedoms with it. Don't think it can happen again? It will. And the biggest problem I see most people make is becoming too comfortable and reliant on one stream of income. Here are a few things to consider: If you rely on your 401(k) and the stock market crashes, you suffer. If you rely on Social Security and the government runs out of money, you suffer. What happens when your company downsizes and your income goes away?  What happens when you need special health care?  What happens if your spouse passes away and you're left with just income stream?

For most of us it's a classic case of too many eggs -- one basket.

If this Great Recession has taught us anything it's that we can't rely on our Corporations, our Government or those greedy bastards on Wall Street to have our best interests in mind.  Our future security and financial freedom is up to us.  And we need to hedge ourselves against the risk of future economic disaster by creating multiple income streams to help support the life we want to live as we move into retirement.

Here's something to consider:  What would it mean to you and your family if you had 20 streams of income vs. the one or two you have now?

That's what this article (and future installments) are all about.  I want ot help you conceptualize and build passive monthly income streams that will provide security and financial independence for you and your family now and into your future.

What is passive income? Well ... in simple terms it's money you're paid every month from making smart investments. Important distinction here: I'm not talking about some "get rich quick" infomerical.  I'm not talking about buying gold, foreign exchange trading or zero down real estate scams. The strategies and tactics I'm going to teach you take work. But once you lay a strong foundation it's simple to manage several passive streams at once. 

In the days and weeks ahead I'll show you ... step-by-step ... how to generate thousands of dollars in passive monthly income and future locked in profits through strategic buying and holding of residential real estate.

Stay tuned (bookmark, rss) ... this is something you should know about.

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