How's the Market?

Intown Atlanta home buyers and sellers love to talk about the Atlanta real estate market.  And the question “How’s the market?” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

And lately, the question has taken different forms, from “Is the market picking up?”… to “You sell real estate?'s that going?”… to “Has the market stabilized?” – the curiosity knows no end and the speculation no bounds.

We've been searching for a traightforward way to answer the question for some time…and because of the innumerable economic and emotional factors that affect our marketplace - it's no easy task.

Sure…we could be many agents in the industry and answer with a smile and an unqualified “The market is great!” – but then, what does that accomplish?

Keeping my clients, customers, prospects and friends “in the know” about the latest market trends and the forces that affect their selling and purchase decisions continues to be the most important role I play.

The real estate market operates like any other financial market and, though we have no "dow jones” or "s&p" averages reflecting the daily ups and downs, there are measurable economic and emotional factors that contribute to the “health” of the Atlanta real estate marketplace.

Understanding these factors so you can effectively position your home for a sale is essential to attracting qualified buyers.

So, in an effort to continue to educate, build value and assist our clients, customers, prospects and friends to truly understand how the market IS –

I’m committed to providing you with an ongoing interactive weblog for your enjoyment, education and participation. So please, if you have a question...ask away and CLICK HERE! to read and contribute to my Intown Atlanta Real Estate Blog.