Located just close enough to East Atlanta Village to be convenient, but just out-of-the-way-enough from the bustle of this trendy nook of town, 775 Shadowridge Drive combines mid-century stylings with lush landscaping and all the natural light you can ask for in a uniquely-designed family home.

Trying to buy just the right home Intown is a challenge. Downright frustrating in many cases. Those reports of over a "thousand people a month" moving Intown are true, and housing inventory is at an all-time low. Many buyers are left with the feeling they will have to snap up almost anything that pops up or be left behind. If you've had the discipline to wait for the ideal home to appear, your patience may be rewarded here.

Welcome Home.

The address is 775 Shadowridge Drive, (East Atlanta) 30316.
The price is $434,900.

A mid-century ranch in an astonishing location.

East Atlanta is a locale that’s become synonymous with “hip” over the last decade or so. The core of this area, the lovingly hewn East Atlanta Village, is just a few minutes’ walk to the north; there, you’ll find the neat little bars, funky eateries, music venues, and epic street art that’s put this corner of the ATL on the map. But you wouldn’t know it, standing in the backyard of this timeless mid-century ranch. Here, it’s all about tranquility (with a lot next door that has a little stream running through it, which means nobody can build there!).

From the thickly wooded grounds, it’s not too hard of an effort to spread the outdoor splendor to the inside. The 40-foot-long screened-in back porch provides way more than enough overflow space for a big shindig (even when it’s drizzling outside), and through 10-foot sliding doors, bleeds straight into the statement piece of a living room: flanked by built-in shelving on one side, and a one-of-a-kind, 13-foot steel wall on the other, it’s a space that makes visitors take a moment to gather their thoughts. Nothing overboard — oak hardwood flooring grounds the impression and the natural and globe lighting keeps things lively. Rather, it pulls off wooded-modern in a unique way that we (almost) promise you haven’t seen before.

Mid-Century Aesthetic

Speaking of porch access… it leads into the master bedroom as well, a space that puts a whole new twist on the idea of what a bedroom can be. The room itself wasn’t always this large (25’ x 18’) — at a point in its life, the owners decided to expand the space into a side porch that was original to the home. The aesthetic of the original portion hasn’t been lost: a bank of floor-to-ceiling windows on two walls separates everything cleanly and deliberately. The result is one of those bedrooms that actually qualifies for a bonafide sitting/reading space (a picture’s worth a thousand words, so give this one a close look. Its wood-and-brick aesthetic carries an air of mid-century quirk that’s a lot of fun, too).

There are, however, some other ‘60s-era nuances that have thankfully gone to the wayside. The kitchen has seen its share of updates over the years, with (new) oak hardwood floors that extend into the dining space, countertops in an “L” orientation (whipping up huge meals during the holidays is a breeze), and white cabinetry that gives everything a contemporary feel. While we’re on the topic of era-specific needs for upgrading, the bathrooms are swell. Subway tile, folks!

Hassle-free living.

The home is also solid on maintenance and has been kept up really well over the years, so if you’re searching for something turnkey, give it a look. There’s a new HVAC unit, the roof is only a year old, fresh gutters, a new coat of sealant on the deck… even the landscaping has been maintained well. Healthy old-growth trees and some freshly planted annuals round everything out. There’s been some TLC put into this home, and it shows.

Under the footprint is a basement space, clocking in at almost 1,100 square feet all by itself (a solid percentage of the upstairs’ 1,800). It’s not finished yet (lots of room for the imagination to run wild), but it’s got full lighting, a functioning bath with shower, and a laundry space with a large laundry sink. The current owners are artists, so for them, this has been a pretty sprawling studio that’s served the job nicely. Feel free to install a game room or theatre if that’s your thing — you can do a lot with 1,100 square feet (and it's foam insulated which means heating and cooling the space will be a breeze).

Oversized Master Suite w/ Sunroom


775 Shadowridge Drive isn’t the kind of 3-bed/2-bath you’d expect to find in a new development. It’s just a little too eccentric to be scientifically repeatable. Rather, it’s a home that’s evolved organically with each new owner, always taking on elements of the new aesthetic, always meshing itself together into something new.

We’ve seen homes like this before, and we can already see the expression on the new owner’s face when they walk in for the first time. It’s a giddy sort of recognition like they just fell in love with something that resonates with them in a way they didn’t expect.

And we’ve seen enough homes like this to know that when you get enough of them together, you get a neighborhood like East Atlanta.

The seller is represented by The Keen Brothers, Ben & Joshua Keen.
Call today for a private showing: 404-538-5356
Please, serious inquiries only.

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