East Atlanta Village has finally come of age. And at 1516 Van Vleck Avenue — with its five bedrooms, hyper-central location, and sparkling-new construction — you (and your family) have finally arrived.

Trying to buy just the right home Intown is a challenge. Downright frustrating in many cases. Those reports of over a "thousand people a month" moving Intown are true, and housing inventory is at an all-time low. Many buyers are left with the feeling they will have to snap up almost anything that pops up or be left behind. If you've had the discipline to wait for the ideal home to appear, your patience may be rewarded here.

The address is 559 Robinson Avenue, Atlanta, Ga 30315.

The price is $599,900.

Grant Park has been a hot neighborhood for more than a half-decade now. The moment the Intown Revival spread south of I-20, it was the first locale where early century and late Victorian construction got the tender-loving treatment that’s come to define properties located within the eastern mile of the Gold Dome.

So, as you’re reading this, 559 Robinson still has that new-house smell, without being new-construction. Renovated from the studs, the best of single-level period architecture has been carefully preserved while opening up the floorplan seriously — a quality that’s immediately apparent when walking through the front door via the quintessentially Southern front porch. 

Contemporary Living

Upon entering, a 20-foot-deep living room blends into an oversized dining space and a

Welcome Home

full chef’s kitchen, replete with bright-white custom cabinetry and (again) brand-new appliances. The great thing about a space like this is that it’s open to the imagination — with an abundance of natural light and a modular layout, the first impression of 559 is “immediately customizable,” so let your instinct run wild. A full-size pantry, and out-of-the-way hallway nook with a laundry space and storage closet adds utility while not being out of the way. 

It’s funny. There’s a term that a lot of our clients haven’t heard of: “shotgun bungalow.” This coveted, utilitarian style has become synonymous with Southern architecture, so-named because of the home’s long, narrow shape: in many of these homes, you can stand at the front door, and see the back door at the opposite end. Sadly, throughout the region, a lot of these homes have been demolished in favor of more modern styles of architecture, but in the case of 559 Robinson, the aesthetic has been preserved, while still being modernized.

Beyond the main living/kitchen space, a long hallway leads to the other personal rooms of the house. A bedroom on the left with a suitably-sized closet; another bedroom on the right, complete with adequate storage space as well. Next door, a full bathroom — great for occupants of the bedrooms, and easily accessible for guests in a “Oh, just down the hall, first door on the right,” kind of way.

Chef's Kitchen

At the end of the hallway, the master suite occupies the end of the home. It’s about 20’ by 15’, and lets in a bunch of light, so no matter the furnishing you’re planning on moving in, you’re sure to have the flexibility to accommodate. A master bath with twin sinks makes getting ready in the morning a breeze, as does a positively massive walk-in closet — a rarity for old-school construction of this era.

Just off the owner suite, a back porch overlooks a sprawling backyard space. What becomes of this piece of acreage is up to the new owner — it can be easily fenced in (there’s more-than enough space to toss a ball around with your dog), and in our opinion, it’s just aching for a cool, open cookout area (we know a great guy who does fire pits, just FYI). And, yeah, the porch is accessible from the bedroom, which has its own benefits; while not being ideal for parties, no worries — there’s a side door that leads out from the kitchen, and a short staircase to the terrace itself, so guests can mill about easily enough without having to traipse through your personal space. 

Owner Suite leading to Back Porch

Oh, and a couple more things that are worth mentioning. The terrace out back has a few feet of clearance underneath, so things like bikes and SUP boards can be stashed easily enough. And, there’s an unfinished basement. It’s a total utility space, and it’s only about 500-square-feet, but if you’re searching for a space to stash the holiday decorations or build an old-school darkroom… hey — bit of extra square-footage, just in case!


It’s Grant Park. Want to justify a Zoo membership (you’ll live five minutes from pandas!), or just live near one of Atlanta’s best parks? Easy. Commuting to work? I-20 is right there. Want a quiet neighborhood where you can relax during the off hours? This is the place.

And most of all, something turnkey where you’re not going to have to worry about necessary renovations for at least a decade, and that’s nearly guaranteed to justify its value? That’s 559 Robinson Avenue.

The seller is represented by Joshua Keen & The Keen Team.
Call today for a private showing: 404-538-5356
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