2828 Meadowview Drive, Atlanta, GA 30316

2828 Meadowview Drive, Atlanta, GA 30316

2828 Meadowview Drive

Seller: Sam Beresford

Buyer: KPM Holdings LLC

Sam and KPM... welcome to your Transaction Tracker Dashboard where we help organize all the details from the time of coming to an agreement all the way through moving day. Here you'll find important documents, dates and reminders. We'll update the Dashboard regularly as we reach milestones through the transaction. Feel comfortable calling (or emailing) questions as we go. I'm here to help facilitate a hassle free process for everyone involved. We'll talk soon!
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Property Address: 2828 Meadowview Drive, Atlanta, GA  30316

behind the scenes I'm...

  • overseeing details.
  • dotting "i's" and crossing "t's".
  • integrating complexity.
  • recognizing the need for accurate information.
  • considering effects and consequences.
  • identifying unintended consequences.
  • seeing multiple perspectives.
  • understanding turbulence.
  • recognizing details so you can relax.

Accepted Offer "Cheat Sheet"

Purchase Price: $90,000
Seller Paid Closing Costs:

Accepted Offer Documents

Binding Purchase Agreement: click here to access

Due Diligence

Price Amendment: click here to access

Contingencies & Important Dates

Contract Date: Aug 9th, 2017
Binding Agreement Date:
Aug 10th, 2017
Due Diligence Period Ends:
Thur, Aug 17th @ midnight (7 days from binding agreement)
Finance Contingency: Cash Deal
Appraisal Contingency: Cash Deal
Closing Date/Time:
Fri, Aug 25th |
Closing Time: 3pm

Closing Parties

Buyer: KMP Holdings LLC
Seller: Sam Beresford
Sellers Agent: Joshua Keen | Cell: 404-538-5356 | email
Buyers Agent: Audrey Strachan | Cel404-624-6537 | email
Closing Manager: Adam Keen | cell: 404-791-5820 | email
Closing Attorney:
O'Kelley and Sorohan | 404-885-9092 | Precloser: TBD | email
Mortgage Lender: Cash Deal | 000-000-0000 | email

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Document Manager

In the document manager below you'll find all relevant paperwork and record keeping. This includes the executed contracts, amendments, loan documents, insurance documents and more.