Head-to-toe renovated to maximize its natural mid-century charm, 1944 Capri Drive touts a quiet, easy-going neighborhood vibe with minutes-away proximity to major thoroughfares and East-Atlanta mainstays alike: a best-of-all-worlds property for a small family that still wants to give welcome guests their own space.

Trying to buy just the right home Intown is a challenge. Downright frustrating in many cases. Those reports of over a "thousand people a month" moving Intown are true, and housing inventory is at an all-time low. Many buyers are left with the feeling they will have to snap up almost anything that pops up or be left behind. If you've had the discipline to wait for the ideal home to appear, your patience may be rewarded here.

Contemporary Living

The address is 1944 Capri Drive, Decatur, GA 30032.

The price is $315,000.

Just to the south-southwest of Decatur’s city center, there’s a cool collection of neighborhoods that have only just recently started popping up on the radar — those little side streets that have East Lake closeness but haven’t quite caught up to the sticker price that an "East of Atlanta" street address demands.

And, in the middle of a neighborhood like this, a skip away from the 2nd Avenue Corridor (direct access to Flat Shoals and I-20 to the south, and Glenwood to the north), there’s tranquil little Capri Drive and its couple-of-dozen homes. Most of the houses on this block have been re-done in the very recent past, and in the case of 1944 Capri, there’s no exception. The HVAC, roof, plumbing, and electrical have all had an overhaul for 20-teens standards. No stress there, which means we can focus on the inside. 

Chef's Kitchen

Which brings us to the house itself. The remodel in 1944 Capri Drive didn’t just focus on the nuts and bolts. This is really a property where mid-century has been brought up-to-date to reflect the current standards of East Lake living (carport included). Hardwood floors run throughout the first floor, with the modular entryway living room as a focal point.

The natural, easy-going slatescale of the house’s palette blends in smoothly with stainless appliances, but for that ever-essential pop of brightness, minimalistic cabinetry drives the point home, with an absolutely legendary chef’s stovetop (surrounded by granite countertops) just alongside an exclusive little breakfast nook that has “iPad in the morning over the first cup of coffee” written all over it.

On the northwest side of the top floor, the master bedroom, with a similar-sized partner adjacent in the southwest (great closets, so no worries on storage). Then, two bathrooms — one connecting to the master bedroom; the other, steps away for guests visiting for the evening, or for denizens of bedroom No. 2. Modularity and openness of the floor plan was the key in the refurbishment of 1944 Capri, and the previous owners pulled it off brilliantly (without being ostentatious about it). 

Master w/ Spa-like Bathroom

And then, in the center of the top floor… a stairwell that goes downstairs. This is a two-floor home, after all — more than enough for a family of two or three, upstairs, all by itself — but downstairs, we get some major flexibility that these ever-so-slightly-submerged-in-the-hillside ranches are prized for. 

Downstairs, the stairwell opens into a positively massive, totally finished recreation room. What do you want to do with this space? Hey, that’s your call. But with a 26-by-16-foot unobstructed footprint? How about a home theater. A zen space. A super-den. That choice is up to you; let us know if we can hook you up with the people to make it happen. :)

And then, on the south side, another bedroom. Another full bath, not too far from the laundry area, a utility closet, and even more storage, storage, storage. 

Which, in turn, leads outside. An easily maintainable green-carpeted yard is peppered with some solid, old-growth arboreal patriarchs, and enough space to have the privacy you’d prefer when grilling out on the side patio on the weekends and off-hours.

Open Floor Plan


So, what’s the bottom line of 1944 Capri Drive? It’s the pinnacle of first-time ownership. Totally turnkey, no weird surprises, thanks to the revamp. The commute is a breeze, whether it’s for work or play: Decatur is right there on the surface streets, and I-20 for everything else.  Way more than enough space for a budding couple, and if there’s talk about adding to the family? Still enough to grow into, in-law suite aside. And for what it’s worth… there will be that party, three years from now, where someone says, “Cool neighborhood. Wish I’d have known about it before the iron got hot.”

The seller is represented by Joshua Keen & The Keen Team.
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