130 Arizona Avenue #113

Seller: Tracie Kriete

Buyer: Dudley Carrie

Tracie and Dudley ... welcome to your Short Sale Transaction Tracker Dashboard where we help organize all the details from the time of coming to an agreement all the way through moving day. Here you'll find important documents, dates and reminders. We'll update the Dashboard regularly as we reach milestones through the transaction. Feel comfortable calling (or emailing) questions as we go. I'm here to help facilitate a hassle free process for everyone involved. We'll talk soon!
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Property Address: 130 Arizona Avenue Unit #113, Atlanta GA 30307

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Accepted Offer "Cheat Sheet"

Purchase Price: $115,000
Seller Paid Closing Costs:

Accepted Offer Documents

Executed Purchase Agreement: click here to access

Short Sale Timeline

Short Sales usually take 90 days to close. They can take longer ... and the final closing date is contingent upon the lenders responsiveness during the process. The "traditional" short sale with most large lenders is a FIVE (5) PHASE PROCESS taking place over a 12 to 15 week period. Phase 1 begins the day a complete short sale package with a binding offer is submitted to the lender. And the process unfolds from there. Below you'll find a complete account of the short sale process, where we are and what to expect next. We provide updates to you every Friday afternoon between 1pm and 5pm and on an "as-needed" basis.

Phase 1: Submission & Confirmation Process (1 to 2 weeks)

In the first two weeks of the short sale process our team works to gather all necessary documents to compile a complete short sale package. Depending on the banks process ... it takes 1 to 2 weeks for a completed package to be confirmed recieved by the lender. Below you'll find a link to the complete short sale package and dates for submission and confirmation of receipt.

Short Sale Package: click here to access | password required
Short Sale Package Submission:
Wednesday, August 1st, 2012
Short Sale Package Confirmation:
Friday, August 3rd | Sara F. Tharpe-Briggs | 855-223-4680

Phase 2: Assignment to Loss Mitigation / Short Sale Specialist (3 to 4 weeks)

Once the complete package is confirmed the file is assigned to a Short Sale Specialist/Negoatiator. Depending on the banks proces this takes 1 to 4 weeks from the time of submission.

Short Sale Specialist Assigned (yes/no): YES
Short Sale Specialist Name:
Caitlin Hodgson
Short Sale Specialist Phone #:
(864) 242-8406

Phase 3: Underwriting Reviews OFFER and Homeowners FINANCIALS (4 to 8 weeks)

Once a Short Sale Specialist is assigned to the file and underwriting review of the Purchase Contract and Homeowners financial situation is initiated. Depending on the banks proces this takes 1 to 5 weeks from the time a negotiator is assigned to the file.

File In Review (yes/no): YES
FU Call Date/Notes: currently under review.

Phase 4: Property Valuation Phase (8 to 12 weeks)

Once the preliminary underwriting review is complete the negotiator orders a BPO or Appraisal of the property to determine fair market value.

BPO/Appraisal Ordered (date): tbd
Valuation Received by Lender (date):
FU Call Date/Notes:

Phase 5: FINAL Short Sale Review & Approval (12 to 15 weeks)

During phase 5 of the process, we work with the assigned short sale specialist to complete the investor review of the file. At this stage all documentation has been completed and we are awaiting a Short Sale Approval letter to be issued to the homeowner so we can set a closing date.

File in FINAL Review:
FU Call Date/Notes:

Due Diligence

Buyer Earnest Money Deposit:  $1000 | held by Keller Williams

Contingencies & Important Dates

Contract Date: July 29th, 2012
Binding Agreement Date:
July 31st, 2012
Inspection Day/Time:
Due Diligence Period Ends:
10 Days from notice / delivery of lender approval of short sale
Financing Contingency Ends:
tbd / delivery of lender approval of short sale
Appraisal Contingency Ends:
tbd / delivery of lender approval of short sale
Closing Date:
30 days from short sale approval | October 31st, 2012
Closing Time:

Closing Parties

Buyer: Dudley Carrie
Seller: Tracie Kriete
Closing Manager: Adam | Cell: 404-791-5820 | email
Buyer's Agent: William Bedgood | Cell: 404-531-3216 | email
Seller's Agent: Joshua Keen | Cell: 404-538-5356 | email
Closing Attorney: Fryer Law Frim | 404-240-0007 | website
Mortgage Lender: Home Inspector: TBD| 000-000-0000 | website

Document Manager

In the document manager below you'll find all relevant paperwork and record keeping. This includes the executed contracts, amendments, loan docuemtns, insurance documents and more. You'll find SEVEN(7) folders housing your documents below. They include:

  • Initial Consultation: folder contains paperwork we generated as part of our initial consutlation. Here you'll find things like Good Faith Estimates, Buyer Brokerage Agreements & Pre-Approval Letters.
  • Finding: folder includes all paperwork related to finding your buyer. Here you might find MLS sheets of favorite homes, rejected offers, video tours of listings and information about homes that interested you along the way.
  • Negotiating Agreeements: folder contains offers, counter offers, addenda and amendemnts related to our contract negotiation.
  • Due Diligence: this folder includes your home inspection, termite report, appraisal and items related to your due diligence on the property.
  • Closing Celebration: folder contains paperwork related to CLOSING DAY. Here you'll find things like the settlement statement, wire confirmations and items related to closing your home.
  • AFTER: here you find details and paperwork for stuff we might handle during after the sale.