Home. It's Where Life Happens

the story & testimony of a journey to own a place called "home"

Home is something we “provide” for ourselves, our partners, and our families. Home symbolizes our capacity to control a physical setting and to enjoy the leisure and other activities we choose. We seek security at home. It is a place to recharge our batteries to face the next day. Home is the touchstone for our sense of independence. It counters workplace frustrations and provides a sanctuary from many of life’s pressures and complexities.

Every second, around the clock, someone makes a housing decision—to move, remain a renter, become a homeowner, trade up, buy a second home, or buy a home for investment. Each of these is a real estate transaction; however, each is also an affair of the heart, a solution to a momentous life event, a tough financial call, or a personal disaster. Housing decisions are about everything in our lives: the physical aspects of where and how we live; how and where we earn our living; our physical, emotional, and financial well-being; our safety and security; our intimate and social relationships; our sense of community; our greatest pleasures; and our deepest pain.

"Home is the centre and circumference, the start and the finish, of most of our lives … we cling to it with the tenacity of every instinct of our animal natures."
—Charlotte Perkins Gilman

While traditional real estate agents lack the skill to help you through these sometimes paralyzing, sometimes precipitous housing decisions, we work alongside our clients to help discover their deepest dreams, ambitions, and fears, which might be triggered through the search for a place to call home.  Because we know finding a home is a lot more than tallying up numbers, showing alternatives, and focusing on amenities and locations.  Houses are more than buildings, settings, and locations.  Houses are the place in the world that can bring you and your loved ones joy and delight -- a place to welcome you into the world at the beginning of your day and your family's haven to replenish body, mind and spirit at day's end.   It's were life happens and where memories are etched into our minds to endure the test of time.

Like fingerprints, the people we help navigate the often turbulent process of buying, selling or investing are unique, each a distinct narrative.  We seek to help our clients understand and sort what's most important to them about their decision to make a home.  Through sharing their stories, we hope to move and inspire you to create a life you love .. to find what's truly important about buying and selling to you.  Although the stories below and those that will follow might seem very different, they have onenoteworthy similarity. All illustrate choices that shape the future of your lifestyle, emotional, and financial world—as all matters of the home do.

What's your story?  Can we help you get from where you are to where you want to be?


Stories & Testimonials from our Family of Past Clients

We can't thank you enough for all your hard work consulting, negotiating and overseeing the details of our transaction. Our new home is everything we hoped it would be, and your negotiating skills alone were worth thousands to us.   We can't wait to introduce you to friends, family and neighbors we know who can use your help.  We won't keep you a secret!