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why 10% a month is the best investment you'll ever make

RSB Property Mangement offers end-to-end Property Management solutions and expert help finding quality tenants for homeowners looking to rent Intown Atlanta real estate. Experience shows profitable and hassle-free landlording takes a comprehensive understanding of today's rental market, meticulous organization of all the transaction details and steadfast property management.

We've assembled a library of helpful infomormation right here on our website -- all with the intention of helping you make smart, informed decisions with your real estate. So take a moment to poke around a bit and learn more about the rental and management systems hundreds of other landlords have successfully used to maximize returns and minimize risk with their rental properties. It’s laid out in plain English – easy-to-understand terms and ideas. And it’s not rocket science.

the truth about renting your home

Over the years, we've consulted thousands of homeowners who've shared a number of perceived pitfalls that prevent them from seeing renting as a viable alternative to selling.

Here are the top 11 complaints we hear from homeowners who manged their own rental property

  • Losing a month's rent when a tenant moves.
  • Paying too much advertise their rental.
  • Answering the phone calls and showing the property to potential tenants.
  • Cleaning and replacing broken fixtures or destroyed carpeting.
  • Late night tenant phone calls.
  • Collecting late rent.
  • Having rent checks bounce.
  • Having tenants not take care of your property.
  • Having tenants lose their jobs and not pay rent
  • Having to evict tenants for not paying rent.
  • Getting letters from the tenant's attorney because they justifiably held damages from a tenants security deposit.

Naturally, the list could go on and on but why beat a dead horse?

That's where we come in.

First, congratulations on your decision to consider renting a home you cannot (or don't want) to sell. One of the problems we’re seeing for the Intown Atlanta housing market is that a lot of folks feel as though their house has them trapped, with few options for getting free. And becoming a landlord is a scary alternative for most.